About Us

Our story

When we started DMR Transportation in 2008 we set out to create a trucking and logistics company that is truly modern.
With our priorities being safety, the satisfaction of our clients and employees, a modern approach to the industry just made sense. This is why today we are one of the Michigan’s premiere logistics provider. With a great team behind us and structure that allows for flexibility, but also rewards excellence, DMR Transportation is poised for growth and future expansion. Despite the fact that we are family owned, our entire team is treated as family and our drivers receive special care. We continue to push the boundaries when it comes to safety and care of our employees and we will never stop making DMR the best possible place to work.

Why join our team?

DMR Transportation is a growing, dynamic company that offers exciting opportunities to its employees. Over the last 15 years we invested significant resources to expand and diversify our team, with a goal of growing the company at a pace that benefits all. In this environment of change and growth we have been able to maintain stability and profitability, all while giving back to the team and the community.
We continually strive to serve our customers’ needs with on-time delivery and unparalleled service.
Wherever you work within the organization, your role is critical and your contribution is recognized and valued.

Our Employees Enjoy

Great Working Environment

Consistent Feedback

Growth Opportunities

Professional Leadership

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