How Lease-to-Own Trucks are Helpful when Starting Your Own Business?

Are you a small business owner who wants to start a trucking company? Do you dream of having your own rig? Lease-to-own trucks might be what you need. A quality lease at a reasonable rate can make the difference between starting your trucking career and paying high fees. Here’s a brief overview of how they work.

Difference Between Leasing and Renting

Lease-to-own trucks are also called rent-to-own trucks. But what's the difference between leasing and renting?

To rent is a short-term agreement, while to lease is a long-term agreement. The leasing program includes a contract allowing you to purchase the vehicle you lease over time. That way, you can build equity in the truck with the option of investing at the end of the lease agreement.

You’ll save a significant amount of money compared to a monthly rental agreement. This will depend on the vehicle you are leasing, your credit score, the lease terms, and current interest rates.


  • Least to own option
  • Less money down
  • Better pricing for a longer duration
  • Access to the latest technology and fleet options


  • There are credit requirements to overcome
  • This is a long-term commitment

What to Consider

You should consider the following for your new lease-to-own truck agreement:

  • What is the distance (miles) you will be traveling every year?
  • What is the duration of the lease compared to how long you expect to own the vehicle?
  • Are you going to be using the truck for time-related deliveries?
  • What is the total cost of the truck pre/post lease?
  • Is your business prospective enough to cover the cost?
  • Can you afford the insurance, fuel, and minor maintenance?

Benefits of Leasing a Truck for Your Truck Company

Knowing the benefits of leasing is essential if you’re looking to start your own trucking business. Leasing trucks can be a great way to start a career in the transport industry. It allows you to get the best truck for your business and helps with budgeting and financial management. Other benefits include:

1 - You Get a Truck You Want

Unlike purchasing a car or truck, when leasing your commercial truck, you can choose the exact size and model of vehicle that works best for your business. You'll be able to pick the perfect commercial truck that fits your needs and budget.

2 - Avoid Many Repair Hassles

As soon as you take delivery of your truck, you can focus on running your business. You won’t have to worry about the hassles of repairing a commercial truck and dealing with all the paperwork that goes along with it. This frees up time for more important things—like selling goods and services to customers, hiring employees, and generating revenue for your company.

3 - Makes Business Finances Easier

One of the great benefits of lease-to-own trucks is getting help with your finances. Finding a bank that will give you a loan or even an overdraft on your checking account can be challenging if you're just starting your career. But with Lease-to-own trucks, they provide funding for their customers so that they don't need this kind of assistance from banks or other sources.

4 - Start with Limited Capital

Leasing might be your best option if you've been considering starting a trucking career. Lease-to-own trucks are a great way to start a trucking business with limited capital. You can start immediately with very little money and grow your business.

5 - Payment Flexibility

If you have the flexibility to make payments on your truck before or after you take delivery, this can be helpful. Making payments before receiving your vehicle gives you time to settle in your new job and build up some savings. It also gives the leasing company time to get its paperwork together so it can deliver the truck when needed.

6 - Roadside assistance

Roadside assistance is available to help you with any problems that may arise with your truck. The companies that initiate the lease prefer to protect their assets and usually include some assistance to ensure they have support in case damage happens.

Learn from the Experts

Lease-to-own trucks can be an excellent way to get your trucking business off the ground, especially if you don't have much capital to invest. The main benefit of these programs is that they allow new drivers and small businesses alike to lease a truck for a reasonable monthly fee with little to no money down.

This option allows you to see what business model works best for you and gives you more time to decide what equipment your fleet needs. This means less stress when trying out different types of trucks or deciding whether or not lease-to-own makes sense for your company overall.

At DMR Transportation, we work with clients who own, rent and lease to own trucks. We are happy to guide our drivers based on our experience and business understanding so that they can get the most benefit from being essential truck drivers around the states. So give us a call today to learn more about an exciting career in trucking and delivery!