Maintaining Your Truck During Winter Months

Are you a long-haul truck driver looking for winter truck driving tips? Any responsible fleet will get off the road the moment conditions turn treacherous. The rest of the time, sturdy trucks can withstand rough bouts of weather, provided they are maintained and cared for appropriately. Here are some worthwhile considerations and safety tips for truck drivers during the winter months.

Evaluate Your Fuel
Because all diesel fuel is partially composed of paraffin, it develops a gelatinous consistency in low temperature. Truckers can avoid this by making sure they adopt the right winter blend with a greater cetane rating. This single decision won’t do a number on your engine, particularly as you keep your tank half full and, when needed, replace the fuel filter.

Put in a Block Heater
During semi-truck winter driving, cold weather can pose a burden for diesel engines even when you select the right fuel type. By installing a block heater you plug in at rest stops, the engine will stay warm and make a smoother transition on and off the road. 

Make Note of Oil Levels
As you know, trucks need fuel and oil to run, but cold weather limits lubrication. By selecting a thicker variety for use in low temperatures, you lessen the risk of going to power up your vehicle and realizing that it won’t start.

Think About the Option of Winter Tires
Any truck making frequent ventures up or down icy hills has probably been advised that all-weather tires may not provide the best traction upon layers of ice and snow. Additionally, although tires lose pressure in the cold, resist the urge to over-inflate them as this can lead to tread separation and potential road damage to your vehicle.

Monitor Your Battery Life
Severe temperatures can result in the number one cause of winter weather truck breakdowns: a seat battery. If it is nearing the end of its life, remember to replace your battery before a long trip. 

Keep Fluids Full
For winter truck driving, little is worse than running out of gas or oil when you’re on the road. But the same can be said for power steering, brake fluid, battery fluid, or windshield washer. Take a look at the coolant system as well. No need to make a frigid trip more difficult than it has to be!