The Benefits of Team Driving

If driving across the country with a partner sounds like your ideal adventure, it might be time to investigate team driving. Trucking is an excellent way for you to see the country and earn some decent money doing it, but sometimes the challenges of driving alone can overshadow the perks.

Truckers who drive as part of a team, however, can take advantage of a wide variety of benefits that often makes team driving a more attractive option than going solo. Here are just some ways that truckers who hook up with another driver can enjoy their time on the road even more.

Sharing the Driving Duties

When you’re driving solo, it’s easy to feel you have to do everything on your own. But when you share the driving duties with your partner or friend, things become much more fun. It also means that if one of you gets tired at a certain point in the trip, the other person can take over driving duties without any issues.

You could also share driving duties with members of your family! Many teams are composed of close family or partners who create an entire life on the road together. Sharing these moments together will bring out their best qualities—and yours too!

Reduces the Sense of Loneliness

The most significant benefit of team driving is having someone to talk to. You can chat with your co-driver or even take turns driving if they're just as experienced as you are. This means there's no longer any need for the loneliness that comes with being on the road by yourself.

You just need to be sure you are balancing duties, so no one feels like they are doing the bulk of the driving or extra work.

More Income Possibilities

As a team driver, you will have more opportunities to earn more money. Your working with other drivers means that you have twice as many miles and experiences under your belt, which means a higher hourly rate.

Many companies and bids prefer team drivers and prioritize them over solo drivers. That opens up more opportunities for higher pay rates and critical supply chain loads.

More miles means more experience, which will also increase your earnings potential. Driving in teams also allows drivers to learn from one another and share their knowledge with each other—and this can only help boost their income potential as well!

Increased Safety

There's a reason that driving is referred to as “the most dangerous job in America.” The fact is, cars are dangerous, people are dangerous, and poor weather conditions can make driving even more hazardous. That's why having a team driver on your side can mean the difference between life or death in vehicle accidents.

Team drivers also benefit from having someone else nearby who can help keep them awake while behind the wheel by talking about all kinds of topics. This allows you to successfully navigate through traffic safely.


Whether you’re looking to avoid the feelings of isolation or increase your earning potential, team driving may be an excellent opportunity for you. If you haven’t yet considered partnering up with someone else on your next trip, consider casting aside some of your fears to try it.

At DMR Transportation, we strive to find rewarding opportunities for both solo and team drivers. We place a high priority on safety and surety for all of our drivers, so the job gets done well, and everyone has a lucrative career on the road. Reach out today to learn more about our openings and build a solid driving career with your partner!